Radio Programs (holdings)

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum has thousands of old radio programs stored in the MP3 format. When visiting the Musueum, a particular program can be selected by the click of a mouse. Museum visitors can listen to these programs played through vintage radios.

The catalog linked below lists the available programs. Programs are sorted in alphabetical order (number before letters). If the date when a program was originally aired is known, that information is listed in the format Year-Month-Day, so, for example: 45-02-10 means the show aired on February 10, 1945. If the listing shows 00-00-00 it means the date is unknown.

A brief description of the episode follows the date. There are categories for special programs, for example, there is a listing for “WWII Life at Home” which includes special broadcasts during the war. A few additional programs are available on cassette tapes, not listed here.

Current catalog