Harmel House Annex: Ham Radio

The museum annex building houses a ham station (call letters K3RTV). The principal transmitter is a 250-watt, late 1940s’ Collins AM broadcast transmitter we obtained from a small station in Florida. A number of the museum volunteers are active ham operators, and they have reconfigured the transmitter to operate on the 160-meter ham band. Whenever it is fired up, hams who make contact with W3R comment on the excellent audio quality of the Collins.

The museum annex also houses a rather extensive collection of vintage ham equipment, with communications receivers dating back to the 1930s, made by companies such as Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, National, RME, and others. The annex building is not a normal part of our regular tours, but those who wish to see it (and especially, visitors who are hams) are gladly shown around.

The museum’s library contains an excellent collection of amateur radio magazines (e.g., QST, CQ, Ham Radio), as well as numerous books on ham radio published by the American Radio Relay League and others.