Ed Walker Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award


Ed Walker was one of the longest running and most beloved broadcasters in Washington, DC.  For two decades he hosted WAMU’s popular program The Big Broadcast, which featured rebroadcasts of vintage radio dramas. Prior to that he had a long career in broadcasting that began at WAMU.  From 1952 to 1974 he co-hosted the Joy Boys with Willard Scott, a show that provided listeners with a daily dose of comedy.  His lifetime accomplishments earned him a spot in the Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.  He was a founding member of the National Capital Radio and Television Museum serving as both board member and board president.  Ed Walker was the first recipient of the NCRTV Museum’s Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award.  Six weeks after Ed Walker died in 2015, the board of the NCRTV Museum voted to name the award in his honor.

Selection Criteria for the Ed Walker Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award

Qualifications for the winner of the Ed Walker Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award are as follows:

  • Any recipient must have at minimum twenty years in the field of broadcasting. The field of broadcasting can include radio or television as well as behind-the-scenes activities such as producing, directing, teaching, or even developing new technologies that improved the field of broadcasting.  
  • Any recipient must have accomplishments that demonstrate their work transformed or had a significant impact on the field of broadcasting and has had a lasting impact such as bringing old radio programs to life for a new generation or breaking both gender and racial ceilings in the field.
  • Since we are the National Capital Radio and Television Museum all recipients should be members of the broadcasting community within the National Capital Region for a majority of their career—i.e., based upon what is considered as the National Capital Region (http://www.capitalregionupdates.gov/go/doc/4063/1130963/About-the-National-Capital-Region-NCR-) as well as Baltimore and Annapolis.
  • The recipient has performed substantial community service that has significantly benefited communities within the National Capital Region.

The committee should also take into consideration the following:

  •  Other awards the nominee has received.
  •  The immediacy to recognize the nominee due to age or health.

The selection committee is not limited to awarding only one person per year. However, if multiple awardees are selected in one year at least one of those recipients should be a behind-the-scenes person.

Past Winners

2015 Ed Walker

2016 Maureen Bunyan