The National Capital Radio & Television Museum has a team of talented and interested volunteers in addition to the board of directors who help in a variety of areas. We always welcome others, regardless of background, experience or area of interest.

Here are some of the areas you could help us with:

  • Become a docent at the museum to welcome the public and guide special tour groups through the museum (school groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, senior citizens, etc.). We attempt to staff each weekend shift with at least two people, one of whom is an experienced person. We have a training manual and a video tour available to help you become acquainted with the museum and its content. Please contact our NCRTV volunteer coordinator: Brian Belanger at:  301-258-0708, or e-mail Brian.
  • If you are an Amateur Radio Operator (ham), you can volunteer to operate the Museum’s station K3RTV. Contact the Museum staff at 301-390-1020 or email Karen Whitehair or Brian Belanger to let them know of your interest. You can see when the station is operational on the calendar posted on the ARO page.
  • Restoration projects: The museum needs to restore radios and television sets. If you can do electronic repairs or have experience with cabinet finish touch up, contact Curator Brian Belanger at 301-258-0708 or email at:  radiobelanger@comcast.net.
  • Help with traveling exhibits. From time to time, NCRTV sets up short-term exhibits, sometimes just for a day at various locations to help spread the word about our organization and museum. This could be at schools, community centers, hamfests, antique shows, etc. If you would like to volunteer to help on these, contact: Bill McMahon at:  304/535-1610 or e-mail Bill at: mcmbnatsltburg@comcast.net.
  • Fundraising:  Have experience with fundraising? We can certainly use you! Contact Brian Belanger (see above).
  • Library tasks: Like to catalog old radio books and magazines and organize service literature? Plenty of that to do.  Contact Brian Belanger (see above).
  • Donation pickup: We need volunteers with vans or pickup trucks to make excursions to pick up donations to the museum. Again, contact Brian Belanger.