Radio History

A Brief Summary of Radio History, prepared for the Museum by William Steele.

ELinks: Some Broadcast History Websites

Websites are useful for what they offer and maddening as they disappear too easily.


Links to a wealth of useful websites.

American Radio History An online Radio & TV library for AM, FM,and TV documents and publications.

Broadcasting History Links– by Elizabeth McLeod
An authority on old-time radio provides a page or more of annotated links to a variety of websites.  (See also the links noted at the end of this listing.)

History of American Broadcasting – by Jeff Miller
Useful listing of websites divided into sections on AM, FM, and television.

History of Radio in Hartford, Conn.
As we learn of region, state, or city-specific sites, we will include them here. According to the home page, “This site was created to help preserve the rich history of broadcasting in Connecticut. The initial focus has been on radio but we’ve started adding pages on the state’s TV stations and will continue to do so as time permits.”

The Invention of Radio list prepared by Pamela Mack for her history class at Clemson.


Hallicrafters Radios
Equipment information, on-the-air HF Nets, Hallicrafters Special Event Station W9WZE, shortwave listening, and other features


Sites emphasizing technology and there are many more for different inventors (e.g., Marconi, Armstrong, Tesla).

The Broadcast Archive – by Barry Mishkind
Includes equipment and programming sections and links, plus information about the FCC, old stations, and links to other archives and organizations.

History of Recorded Sound – by David Morton
Includes the technology, the recording business, and the impact of recordings over more than a century.

Recording Technology History – by Steven Schoenherr
Multi-chapter and illustrated history of the many different means of recording and playing audio and video, including information on loudspeakers, microphones, and the digital revolution. Includes many further links.

United States Early Radio History – by Thomas H. White
A wonderfully useful site which offers full copy of a variety of pre-1920 articles and documents plus the author’s valuable own research on early radio station list publications, call-letter policies, and the like.

World of Wireless

A Dutch site (in both English and Dutch) takes the story through World War II and includes details of the owners’ own collection.