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We always are looking for local recorded broadcasts

Last “Joy Boys” broadcast (WRC radio, Washington, DC, 1972). Ed Walker (on the left) with Williard Scott (already hairless!) on the right, joined at times by Gordon Peterson (still on the air). This video shows several of the Joy Boys’ sound effects props that are now at the museum.


(Virtually any radio entertainment or news program is now the subject of a site or sites of its own&#151listed here are some more general “master” sites that usually link to a host of others.)

Old Time Radio
Includes many logs of program series, links to other sites, information on collecting programs.

Olde Time Radio
Allows one to listen to episodes of about a dozen old radio dramatic programs.

Radio Days
Information on many old network radio programs (including some complete logs), OTR (old time radio), radio commentators and news events, chat room and FAQs, and more.

Download Free Old-Time Radio Shows
Available programs are arranged by program type.

Radiolovers-Free Old-Time Radio Shows
Another site which makes clear they do not have copyright ownership of the programs listed (they say the copyright has expired which may not be true)

Speaking of Radio
This comprehensive site focuses on oral histories of people who worked in radio as well as broadcast clips of them at the microphone.

Welcome to Old-Time Radio, by the Internet Archive
Indexed by program type, number of dowloads, reviews, recent reviews, and recent updates

Free Old-Time Radio Shows
Arranged by program title

Old-Time Radio Show Downloads
Claims to hold some 200 thousand episodes of programs, most available through this site.