K-6 Interactive Program

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum has launched a K-6 based on both Md. Dept. Ed. science, technology (STEM), and history curriculum, as well as the BSA communications chapter in the Tiger Cub book.

The program introduces children to how our voices and pictures are sent through the air to your home radio or television set. It’s a highly interactive series of activities and the program lasts approximately 50 minutes. After the program concludes, the Museum is open an additional 30 minutes so that the children and their adult caregivers may look at the exhibits.

As a result of the program, children will be able to:
•  Understand how listening to radio or television affects how we live, work, and play.
•  Understand the science behind how radios and televisions work .

Program includes:
•  Tour
•  Activities
•  Morse Code sheet
•  Little Orphan Annie Secret Society decoder badge from 1936 and two secret messages to decode at home
•  NCRTV Museum patch

Cost:    Because we need to defray costs for materials used in this program, we charge $5.00 per person including chaperones.  This fee is due on the day of the tour although you are welcome to pay in advance.  We do offer a discount for organizations that are non-profit and/or educational, as well as active military and government first responders such as police and fire emergency personnel.  For those organizations, we charge $3.00 per person including chaperones. And of course, we always appreciate donations to the museum.   Please contact staff if you have any questions.  Contact information is located below.

Weekday evenings 7 pm
Saturday and Sundays 10 am to 12 noon
Other times possible.  Please contact the museum to schedule a time.

Balance: Due on date of the tour.  We take check (payable to the NCRTV Museum), cash, or credit card.

To schedule a visit: Please contact the Museum by email or call 301-390-1020.