For more specific information on holdings or to inquire about donations, contact:

NCRTV Librarian:  Brian Belanger
Museum phone:  (301) 390-1020
Home phone:  (301) 258-0708

New donations of magazines and journals arrive fairly often, and this web listing is updated periodically. Contact the museum if the item you want is not listed here, in case it just arrived recently.

In many cases it is difficult to determine whether the magazines for a given year represent a complete set because some publications came out at irregular intervals and sometimes months were skipped. So, for example, if it appears that we are missing the June issue, it is possible that there was no June issue of the publication that year.

Researchers may visit NCRTV to use the library and may make photocopies for a modest fee. On a time available basis, the librarian may be able to copy items for people who cannot visit the museum in person. Many of the journals are not stored at the museum itself but rather at a remote location several miles from the museum, so if you plan to come to the museum to do research, please make an appointment in advance, so the items you wish to examine can be brought to the main building.

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