John Anderson

John graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and spent most of his career there as a clinical nephrologist (kidney specialist) until retiring in 2010. His interest in vintage radios and TVs dates to 1950 when at age three, he was the first employee of Anderson Radio and Television Repair, a business started by his father, Gus Anderson. Gus had received a degree in Radio and Television engineering in 1940 and served in the US Army Signal Corp. Encouraged by his uncles Bill and Neil, radio and computer engineers, respectively, as well the need to refurbish the Zenith farm radio and Magnavox TV he inherited from his dad, he took the Museum’s vintage radio repair course and then become a docent in 2014. He was elated when the farm radio worked beautifully at his family reunion in front of his uncles and three cousins who are also engineers. He lives in the middle of an apple and pear orchard in Glen Arm, MD, with his wife, a research scientist and serves on the medical advisory board of the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland. They are frequent visitors to London, U.K., where their daughter is a corporate banker and their one year old granddaughter is into playing with trucks and balls not dolls.