Officers, Directors, & Staff

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum relies on volunteer docents and others to staff the majority of its needs. The curator, officers, and board members all serve without pay. The executive director and the Museum assistant are the Museum’s professional staff. Many of us were first drawn to the Museum by our interest in radio or broadcasting history. Indeed, many of the Museum’s leaders and volunteers are collectors of radios, other equipment, or books and documents about radios more than century-long development.


Paul Fiddick

Board Chair (2024)

James O'Neal

Vice President (2025)

Brian Belanger

Curator and Secretary (2024)

Richard Colarco

Treasurer (2026)


Richard Greenhut


Dick Maio


Phil Martin


Richard Scroggs


Gary Arlen



Laurie Baty

Interim Executive Director

Judy Hannon

Museum Coordinator