Richard Colarco


Richard Colarco has volunteered as a docent at the National Capital Radio and Television Museum since 2018. He has represented the Museum at community activities such as the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum Open House and the George Washington University Hamathon. He has made many presentations for the Museum’s Wednesday Lecture Series. He is a general-level amateur radio operator. He has over 40 years of experience in space system design, aviation, and intelligence. Mr. Colarco served 22 years in the United States Air Force as a navigator, electronic warfare officer, intelligence officer, and space operator. He led an engineering division developing advanced electronic warfare systems for future aircraft. 

Mr. Colarco directed airborne reconnaissance operations in Korea. He was deputy commander of the Space Surveillance Network. After leaving the military, Mr. Colarco worked in development, modification, and maintenance of many optical and radar ground-based and space-based space surveillance systems. He was chief engineer on the development of a classified US Air Force satellite communications system. He is an adjunct professor of physics and mathematics for several universities. Mr. Colarco has a BS in physics, and advanced degrees in operations research and education.