Richard Greenhut

Independent Media Consultant

In a media career spanning almost 5 decades, seasoned broadcast industry sales and marketing executive Richard (Rick) Greenhut has contributed to the success of a wide variety of media and marketing companies. His diverse background encompasses audio, technology, internet, the connected car, traditional broadcast and telecommunications industries and their convergence into the digital space. With experience in both radio and TV, networks, syndicators and local stations as well as audience research and digital technology, he is uniquely positioned to observe and interpret industry trends, focusing on major broadcast groups and their digital competitors.

Having worked most recently in Business Development for a digital technology company in the broadcast radio space (HD Radio technology), he understands the dynamics and challenges currently facing broadcast media. An articulate communicator, he is adept and experienced at conducting high-level contract negotiations and delivering high-impact multimedia presentations to C-level management. His recent experience also extends into international media, with first-hand knowledge of the idiosyncrasies and dynamics of select media markets in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines and India.
Previously, as an independent consultant, Greenhut has advised Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies alike in developing business plans and media marketing strategies. He has held numerous senior level jobs in the radio industry, including Vice President of New Media at Premiere Radio Networks, Vice President, Business Development for Westwood One; Vice President – Customer Marketing for Westinghouse’s AdValue Media Technologies; Regional Director, Affiliate Relations at the NBC Radio Networks and Division Manager at the Arbitron Ratings company.
He started his broadcast career while still in college, working summers as a radio station and recording studio engineer. He moved into sales at a local radio station and was hired in 1978 by the Arbitron Ratings Company in New York City. Greenhut relocated to Washington, DC in 2008 to join what was then iBiquity Digital Corporation.
A frequent presenter at industry conferences and to national regulatory bodies worldwide, he also is a regular contributor to various broadcast publications. On a personal level, Greenhut holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot License and attained the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary. He served as a search and rescue pilot during the events of 9/11, as well as flying humanitarian aid during Hurricane Katrina and several other natural disasters.