Old Time Radio, Please!

“Old Time Radio, Please!” aired on WBJC-FM Baltimore from October, 1972 to April, 1973. Hosted by the Golden Radio Buffs of America, a Baltimore radio enthusiast club, it was a quiz show based off the popular “Information Please.” Questions revolved around radio related topics and there was typically a guest appearance by a local radio personality.

Click on each link to listen to an episode:

Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 3: Galen Fromme
Episode 4: John Jeppi
Episode 5: George Lewis
Episode 7: Lou Corbin
Episode 8: Walt Teas
Episode 9: Nelson Baker
Episode 10: Hugh Wanke
Episode 11: Phil Crist
Episode 12: Dick Dunlop
Episode 13: Bob Buddembohn
Episode 14: Gene Leitner
Episode 15: Neil Ellis
Episode 16: Stu Kerr
Episode 19: Hugh Wanke